This is an art blog that's been overtaken by Fire Emblem Awakening.

My tacticians are Jay, married to both Chrom and Gaius (I made her two times be quiet) and the Chibi tactician (ingame name Whimsy, married to Henry).

I might make a guy tactician too idk.
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doodled a jojo

Missed opportunity to give Robin Grima wings 

I don’t give a fuck if robin technically isn’t grima anymore

also robin stop changing your damn coat color gdi

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Mom ran away from home when she was young, so Dad took her in and they started living together. Except he thought she was a boy for the first two months.

But they eventually became super lovey dovey and got married then had Luci, then me, and now we’re all happy!

[aaaaaughghhh no u precious oh no i’m blushing 50 shades of red aaahhhh you’re too nice thank you so much >A<]

[Open in new tab for better quality!]

What do you mean I can’t S-support her in the game I want a refund.

Maybe the future we’re trying to change isn’t so bad

Maybe we should just

Aͨ͆̇ͭ̓̈͞c̻̹̗͚͈ͭ̓̎̋͊̀c͌͊ͧȇ̈͐p̧̉̏ͪ͂ͬͧt̘̖̮̪̏̌̌̇ ̤̩̺͡o̙͡u̮̅́̌͗̚͝ŗ̤̣͓̟̯̖̓ͅ ̍͑fͭ̋̓̐ạ̹̺̮̺̼̭̋ẗ̢͇͈̖̼́̓ĕ̠͉̩̱̺̠.̧̿

Stuff for theme purposes because photobucket is being strange.


accepting more palette meme entries! i only have one more to make but that will have to wait for when i have the time. stick to my fandom please. if you don’t know if i’m into that fandom then feel free to ask me first.

also. don’t like any of these palettes? no problem send me one you made! either give me 5 color codes or submit me one via my submission box.

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Last of the Morgan spam

I had this doodle of henry!Morgan in my folder that I decided to slap some flat pastel colors on so enjoy it.

He’s probably running to find a way to to outsmart his mom

If you look at the official art of morgan you’ll see that femorgan has a downwards ahoge

Sad ahoge :’c

Transparent Morgans because I’m on a Morgan kick.

Idc if you use em with credit and if you want I can do all the morgan colors or smth.