This is an art blog where i post my dumb drawings. Most of my art has been overtaken by FEA so expect a lot of that.
Main Credit

Dragon loli

So I continued on my hardmode classic file.

I’m now at chapter 7 because i was stuck on 5 for a week or so.

Mega Charizard Y needs more love.

Also you’ll probably have to view hi-res or smth.

Messing w/ the overlay function on sai to get a feel of what the finished thing will look like…

Ah curse my mortal endurance. I didn’t want to stop drawing but my wrist hurts really bad…

hopefully I won’t lose inspiration and I can finish this.

If someone’s going to draw Chrom in the survey corps uniform i’m gonna draw levi as the onsie blue wonder :I

might as well change my avatar to my cheebtician.


Obviously if you’re going to start a hard mode file you have to have a hardcore mu so I made mine into a total cheeb

This pun was welling up inside of me for two days