Tired and Kinda sad

Hi guys! So after a couple of years fighting with myself, I’ve decided to try out commissions. I want to try and raise some money to hopefully buy myself my own trombone or at least help out with paying for it.


  • $5 - A Pixelated, black and white transparent chibi 
  • $8 - A fully shaded, transparent chibi
  • +$2 - For added background. Preferably simple, but feel free to ask if the bg you wish for is too complicated or not.(only for fully colored)
  • +$2 - Additional characters interacting (up to 3, only for fully colored)

What I won’t do:

  • Nsfw/Heavy Guro - I’m cool with most forms of mild guro but I won’t draw anyone killing each other or anything else. Nsfw includes both straight up and fetishy stuff.
  • Overly complicated designs - These are chibis, so if you request a character with an overly complicated design, be aware that I will simplify it to some degree.
  • Offensive things - If I find something offensive, I won’t do it. Simple as that.


  • Besides the things listed in the above section, I’m open to any request you may have as long as I don’t find it personablly uncomfortable.
  • I’ll try my very best to finish your commission in a timely fashion! Feel free to message me on the progress, but don’t do it too often, as that stresses me out. I will at least show you the rough sketch once it is done, and after that I probably won’t send you too many updates unless life gets in the way and causes a delay. A good time frame to keep in mind is a week, as I work incredible slow on the weekdays.
  • If you need a commission by a certain date (say a friend’s birthday or such), inform me and I will try my best to get it done by that date.
  • Feel free to be detailed with your request. Tell me the posing, the expressions, the dialogue, whatever you need to tell me. After showing the sketch, you can ask for minor changes, but please don’t request a whole change of scene (ex: you first requested two characters sitting and hugging on a park bench, but later want to change it to two characters lying down in bed).
  • I’ll try to prioritize your commission, but realize that I will draw my own personal artwork as well. Please don’t pester me after I post a piece of art asking about your commission unless it’s within reason.

Contact Info:

Shoot me an ask on my art or main blog, or email at fideliasc@gmail.com. It’s more reliable to send an email but ask are acceptable.


  • Paypal only
  • Payment should be preferably up front, but I can do half and half if need be.
  • If I’m unable to finish your commission, I will refund you. Make sure you don’t add anything for shipping or such.


You can repost the commission wherever you please. For detailed Chibis, I will leave a signature, but for Pixelated ones, you can simply credit me if someone asks who you got it from. If it is there, you must not remove my signature or sell my art on things.

I was drawing this as I was finishing SBR and the pain is still there

Good job getting in smash buddy

good ole joey jojo

I’ve only watched 4 episodes of battle tendency and i already understand why he’s best jojo.



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